7:00pm Welcome and opening remarks
Introducing Radical Christian Scholarship by Eric L. Johnson
8:30pm   Refreshments


8:00am  Prayer and Reading
8:30am  The Role of the Bible as Wisdom for the Education of Individuals and Society by Dru Johnson & Jonathan T. Pennington

Breakout sessions

Scripture as the Canonical Text for Transdisciplinary Christian Scholarship  by John Peckham
Doug Blount   Topic to be announced

11am Transdisciplinary Trinitarian Hermeneutics: A New Reduction of the Arts (and Sciences) to the Divine Economy by Kevin J. Vanhoozer
12 noon Lunch
2pm The Bible, Epistemology, and Radical Christian Scholarship: How Scripture Can Shape Our Philosophical Awareness by Esther Meek

Breakout sessions
Radical Christian Scholarship in Some Representative Disciplines
Specific disciplines to be announced

4:30pm Thinking Radically—and Biblically-about Ethics by C. Stephen Evans
5:30pm-7pm  Dinner and Fellowship 
7pm   Peter Leithart  Topic to be announced


8am Prayer and Reading
8:30am Leland Ryken  Topic to be announced

Breakout Sessions:

Radical Christian Scholarship in the Liberal Arts College by Todd Ream

Radical Christian Scholarship and the Seminary by Bruce R. Ashford

Mentoring Radical Christian Scholars and Students by Matt Pinson

11am Recreating the Upper Room: A Call to Change the Conversations in the University by Mary Poplin
12 noon Lunch
1pm  The Bible and the University by Craig Bartholomew